Smith Rock Trails

Redmond is known for having one of the world’s best rock climbing destinations right in its own backyard. With over 1,800 climbing routes, Smith Rock
offers a challenge for every level ranging from beginner to some of the best sport climbs in the world.

For those of you who would rather keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, there are plenty of experiences at the park that will engage all your
senses. Situated on the banks of the Crooked River, Smith Rock is a 651 acre State Park which features a walk-in bivouac campground, access trails,
restrooms and shower facilities. Smith Rock boasts many unique geological formations, wildlife, breathtaking vistas, as well as miles of hiking and mountain
biking trails. There is also a generous picnic area with lots of shade trees, tables and ample lawn for spreading out a blanket or letting the kids run wild.

One of the most popular experiences is hiking a trail called Misery Ridge, but don’t let the name fool you. Start­ing at the base of the rock just across
the foot bridge, this breathtaking trail is a 3.6 mile loop around the headland’s tip and climbs 900 feet in elevation, zigzagging up the side of Smith Rock.
There are plenty of rocks to sit on and catch your breath. This is a hike that you will remember for a lifetime and one that will truly lift your spirits.

The trail is well maintained with steps where you need them and only a few places where a sure foot and the hand of a hiking companion or a walking
stick would be nice. At the top, a 360 degree panoramic view of Central Oregon unfolds - it really is a must see. Taking Misery Ridge down the back side
will lead directly past Monkey Face; go slow, as the trail can be a bit slippery with loose shale. Once off the slope, follow the trail along the river, around
the rock, and back to where you started, you will be delighted with your accomplishment.

Climbers are drawn to the area by the abundance of vertical challenges and the unparalleled beauty, but a unique formation called Monkey Face is the
reason most climbers make a pilgrimage to Smith Rock. This natural welded tuff column truly resembles a monkey’s face and is an “Epic Climb” for every
hard-core rock climber.