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Know Civil Rights: Propaganda Posters Workshop

Saturday, January 13  |  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Registration is required prior to the event. Learn the history and significance of art and protest, then make your own propaganda poster. Join us for this exciting and unique workshop run by internationally recognized artist, illustrator, designer and professor, Ian Factor. We will explore the ideas and construction, conceptually and technically, of propaganda poster illustration and design. The course will look at the history of this form of visual communication through a brief presentation of some of the more memorable images from the last 100 years. We will then take those concepts and techniques and produce our own posters utilizing today's issues as subject matter. Participants can choose whatever subject(s) they feel strongly about, be it political, social, environmental, or whatever moves you deeply in today's sociopolitical climate. Bring whatever art materials you'd like to explore; Pencil, paint, marker, photos for collage, etc. The Library will supply basic pencils, pens, colored pencils and 18" x 24" drawing paper. Ian Factor currently teaches at COCC and OSU in Bend.

Location:Downtown Bend Library
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